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  1. What do those speaker specifications mean?
  2. Are separates better than coaxials? ..
  3. What are some good brands of speakers? ..
  4. What do those specifications on amps mean? ..
  5. What does "bridging an amp" mean?
  6. What is "mixed-mono?"
  7. What does "two ohm stable" mean? ..
  8. Should I buy a two or four channel amp? ..
  9. What are some good (and bad) brands of amps? ..
  10. What is a crossover? ..
  11. Should I get an active or a passive crossover?
  12. Should I buy an equalizer?
  13. What are some good (and bad) brands of EQs?
  14. Should I buy a detachable faceplate CD player? ..
  15. What are some good (and bad) brands of CD head units?
  16. Can I use my portable CD player in my car?
  17. Motor noise I get with my portable CD player ..
  18. What's next car audio with respect to MD, DAT and DCC?
  19. Are those FM modulator CD changers any good?
  20. What kind of changer will work with my factory head unit?
  21. Why a center channel in my car? ..
  22. Should I buy a sound field processor?
  23. What are some good (and bad) brands of signal processors?
  24. Who built my speakers? ..
  25. What is a Line Driver? Do I need one?
  26. Can I play MP3 files in my car?