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  1. Where should I buy the components I want?
  2. What mail-order companies are out there?
  3. What tools do I need to do a good installation?..
  4. What is "rear fill", and how do I effectively use it?
  5. How do I set the gains on my amp?
  6. How do I select proper crossover points and slopes?
  7. How do I flatten my system's frequency response curve?
  8. Wiring speakers "in series" and "in parallel?"
  9. Other forms of Dynamat?
  10. How many devices can I attach to my remote turn-on lead?
  11. How do I wire a relay in my system?
  12. How do I design my own passive crossovers?
  13. How do I build my own passive crossovers?
  14. What about two amps on one set of preouts?
  15. How do I turn a stereo signal into a mono signal?
  16. How do I determine a speaker's polarity?
  17. How can I use an oscilloscope to set the gains in my system?
  18. What is so great about kickpanels?
  19. How can I build custom kickpanels?
  20. What's worse, too much or too little power?
  21. Why is distortion harmful to my speakers?
  22. What tools do I need to cut Plexiglas?
  23. Are there any other special requirements for working with Plexiglas?