View Full Version : pg xs2500??

10-14-2000, 08:12 PM
I was thinking about using this amp to power a 12" HX2. What d'ya think, is it enough power for the HX2? Also considering a RF 360a2 as the rest of my systms rockford.

10-15-2000, 02:49 AM
i had a PG xs2500 and it was great, lots of clean power!

10-16-2000, 09:53 AM
The xs is a great amp, I have two. I would definately go for the PG over the rockford. The 360a2 puts out well under 400 watts, while the xs puts out over 500 @ 4 ohm. the pg is the same price as the 360, the rockford 500@2 is about comprable to the xs but much more expensive.

the xs also has remote gain capability, im not sure about the rf.

I am selling my amps if youre interested. I just picked up a 3rd sub and cant run 2 amps to 3 subs.