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04-30-2010, 02:01 PM
mObridge DA1000 Digital Pre-amp

March 2010 - Mobridge introduces its DA1000 Digital Pre-amp. This device allows installers to connect any amp with a TOSLINK digital input to a range of late-model Audi, Mini, Mercedes, BMW or Porsche vehicles.


According the company, the DA1000 is designed to work with digital sound processors that utilize a standard TOSLINK digital input. The DA1000 plugs into the MOST bus ring in place of the factory amplifier, bypassing the factory amp, steals digital audio out of the MOST ring and then feeds it directly into the digital TOSLINK input of a digital sound processor. The DA1000 replaces the factory amplifier, eliminating the need to decipher or cut factory wiring to capture an audio signal. The vehicle wire harness can remain completely intact. It integrates with these vehicles’ MOST networks, operates digitally so there is no unwanted harmonic distortions or noise, has no need for analog HI to LO converters, offers complete control over treble, bass, fade, balance and graphic equalization and uses a 400 Mhz digital signal processor.