View Full Version : Sony Introduces Two New Head Units

06-04-2010, 04:36 PM
Sony Introduces Two New Head Units, the DSX-S300BTX and DSX-S200X

June 2010 - Sony has added two new digital media receivers to its lineup of head units and it plans to make them available in September, the company stated.


Each head unit uses Sony’s “Tune Tray” technology, where the faceplate of each stereo flips down to allow a user to connect an iPod or other music player. Each model also features an external USB input that allows users to connect two compatible USB devices at the same time. The DSX-S300BTX features built-in Bluetooth and Sony’s SensMe technology, which analyzes a connected music library so that users can create custom playlists and radio channels. It also uses Sony’s Advanced Sound Engine (ASE) technology for better sound quality. The DSX-S200X features Sony’s SensMe technology and ASE but does not offer Bluetooth. MSRP is $280 for the DSX-S300BTX and $200 for the DSX-S200X.