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Lnong 12-04-1999 06:06 AM

Under-rated amps
By about how much is the actual power output over the rated power output in underrated PPI amps?
My Alpine says it pushes 30W at 12V but the actual output at 12V is 39W. What is the biggest difference anyone has ever seen in any amp?

fbctmp 12-05-1999 03:05 AM

My Fosgate 75.2 ais rated at 140 watts RMS in 4 ohm mono, but it actuallt does a 309 watts RMS, more than double. ANd of course thats at 14 volts but still...

Honda Man 12-05-1999 03:12 AM

How do you figure that 309W RMS is coming out of your 140W RMS rated Fosgate? I think that is very unlikely.

Fatty 12-05-1999 03:29 AM

Under rating of amps is somewhat common. Soundstream's 5.2 i believe is rated at 1/4 watt @ 4 ohm, capable of around 500 but i don't know what it actually does at 4 ohms.

IXLNXTC 12-05-1999 06:10 AM

I have a Orion HCCA 225. It's rated at 2ch x 25 watts @4 ohms. However it pushs out a nice 400 watts x 1ch @1ohm. I would say it's a little under-rated. [img][/img]

Lnong 12-05-1999 08:55 AM

How do you guys actually know the actual output? Do you need some kind of testing device to test it, or does every new amp have a "test certificate" in the manufacture's box that shows the actual rating? I got a certificate with my Alpine that shows the actual specs at 12V.

DCookSta 12-06-1999 02:32 AM

well I do know that my Alpine V12 amp came with a 'birth certificate' which shows the ratings that are on the box, and the actual tested rating. for example it said.
Posted rating: 75x2.
Actual rating: 81x2.

There also was this place Elzie Car Audio I believe that could test amps, and fix them.

MattE 12-06-1999 06:28 AM

You can test them. Most people either get a certificate with their amp or quote a magzine article where they tested the output. PPI amps are about 15% under-rated.

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