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RiffRaffMama 01-28-2017 12:51 PM

Newly acquired mystery components
Hi, I would like to preface my post with:[B] I know nothing about competition car audio[/B], so please be patient and kind if I use the wrong terminology etc and please explain things to me like I'm 5 years old. Thank you.
Yes, I know this is the competition forum, but bear with me.
I recently purchased the contents of an abandoned storage unit and I've come here looking for some more information on some of the items I know absolutely nothing about.
There are three subwoofer speakers in wood boxes. Two 12" Rockford Fosgate Punch P2 and a 12" Infinity. Those I can research a lot easier than the next item, but by all means give me the low-down on those as well.
The next item took me days to identify and it is what has brought me to this particular forum. It's a competition series capacitor, but I can't find the brand *anywhere* online. On the cylinder it says:
New trend in the car audio industry
Competition series
20 DCV 95 C
1,000,000 Farad (MFD)
ESR ≤ 0.00198 Ω
Max 20 VCD Surge 24 VDC
Work temp -25to 95C [/B]

And here's pix: vc

Who made it?
Can the actual farad be determined from the info on it?
I don't want it, so now what?

Thank you very much!

basicxj 01-28-2017 05:37 PM

Capacitors and used subwoofers from national brands (with a few exceptions) are typically not a high-value piece, more so when used.

The link for photos didn't work for me- try uploading to a hosting site like photobucket and posting the link, with clear shots of model numbers where possible.

RiffRaffMama 02-03-2017 02:12 AM

Thanks for your reply. A couple of unsolicited letters jumped on to the start of the photo link I posted so here it is without the typo: [url][/url]
There's literally no othe information on it - no model numbers etc. I've searched for that "Chronic" name as it seems to be a brand or model but I can't find any information and I'm sure you can imagine how common the word chronic is.
I'm not interested in keeping it - I drive a 20 year old Hyundai excel hatchback, this equipment would literally consume the entire rear portion of my car, so given the limited information available do you have an idea of what should I be asking when offloading it to ebay?
Thanks again.

basicxj 02-03-2017 02:51 AM

Maybe $20-$30 for the capacitor. They show up on Japanese sites as "sold out" but probably have been discontinued for a few years.

If you have model numbers for the subs that can be narrowed down a bit- craigslist probably has some similar ones to give you an idea.

RiffRaffMama 02-06-2017 02:59 AM

Thanks basicxj I appreciate your info. I'll unscrew the back of the speaker box and hopefully find a model number.
Many thanks!

basicxj 02-06-2017 03:31 AM

[QUOTE=RiffRaffMama;3025796]Thanks basicxj I appreciate your info. I'll unscrew the back of the speaker box and hopefully find a model number.
Many thanks![/QUOTE]

It would be easier to unscrew each woofer from the front, unless it is one of those craptastic pre-fab bandpass type boxes.

LincolnGr8 12-06-2017 08:17 PM

Lmao Barry is mad! Thought he had a 1000 piece. Beat it Barry, we dont want your storage war hit

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