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Thanks...but I guess I wont be putting a bid in ont he Fi since the impedence is wrong. Oh well, patience is a virtue.

So I still am leaning heavily towards fi woofers. I really like what they have to offer. Right now I really cant decide between the BL, the Q, or the SSD. Either way im thinking im going with a single 15", and I have roughly 1100 clean watts RMS to play with. I realize both the BL and the Q are rated at 1500 watts, so im a bit concerned about the power shortage issue there. On the other hand, the SSD is rated at 1000 watts, and I could add some of the options to make it more robust, but im afraid im selling myself short.

Is there a marked difference in SPL between the SSD and the BL? And obviosly the Q isnt built for SPL but does it still thump with authority nonetheless? I have never heard these drivers in person and have no way to becasue the audio shops around my neck of the woods give you this stupid look when you mention brands like fi and ssa. Help me out. Please.

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