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Originally Posted by basicxj View Post
So you are using it "infinite baffle" at the moment.

Infinite baffle usage of the sub amounts to having it act like it is in a really large enclosure. A really large enclosure (provided none of the energy produced at the back of the cone can leak and interact with energy produced by the front of the cone) is good for low frequency output, but doesn't damp the woofer as it goes through its paces like a proper enclosure built to spec. As the woofer reaches full excursion through maximum amplifier power or clipping, the woofer no longer acts like it is properly damped and you get distortion. Power handling goes down.

I would build the recommended enclosure, with the face of the sub mounted on a baffle that fires through the pass-through. Seal up the face of the enclosure to the pass through to channel the most amount of bass energy into the passenger compartment. Turn bass boost off- for every db of boost you add, you are asking the amp to double its output at that frequency...that makes the amplifier clip and output dirty power and combined with the infinite baffle use, may also contribute to some of the distortion you are hearing.

Getting real, solid bass response in a convertible is not easy. The best way is to use the most capable subwoofer you can afford combined with lots (and I mean lots) of amplifier power behind it, in a truly sealed up infinite baffle setup or a sealed enclosure. A ported enclosure would provide more, but it is difficult to get most of the cone plus most of a port to load against a pass-through and still get clean, tight bass response. There are many sealed box subs with lots of throw that would perform, but most are not inexpensive- be prepared to spend a lot more than you think you need to, and have less performance than installing a similar woofer in a sedan/hatch/SUV. I would avoid the Type R for sealed use, especially if you want your bass tight and clean.
Okay thanks for that so I will build a sealed box and see what that's like. I read around that you should go smaller than recommended for more punchy bass is that not the case then?

What would you recommend for a future sub and amp for me in a similar price range?

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