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Originally Posted by KaeZoo View Post
Using this adapter, you can install just about any single-DIN head unit while retaining the Bose speakers and amplifier.
That is good info, thank you. The speakers sound fine in my opinion. I probably wouldn't even check into replacing the head unit unless she wanted a iPod jack.

Originally Posted by azlnick View Post
For $100, you could get:

Install it all yourself and you have a $100 budget system.

DISCLAIMER: All of these products are sh1t.
What about this guy:

Again, since I don't know anything about car audio, I didn't think it would work w/o some modification + additional equipment (Amp?). Plus I believe the Bose speakers are different ohms than the 4 ohm Pioneer unit in the link above.

But seems like a decent deal for $60.
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