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Review of Rainbow Germaniums Run Active.
by Tama_Drumz_76 04-26-2010, 12:08 AM

Some of you may know that I recently acquired some Rainbow Germanium components. 2 Sets of 6.5" woofers, 1 set of tweeters, and 2 crossovers.(I guess they call it the double-woofer set)

As I do run Actively, the crossovers are not being used. Also, only 1 set of the 6.5" mid-woofers are installed in my doors and tweeters are installed in modified sail panels. (the other set of mid-woofers reside on a shelf)

About a month/month and a half ago I installed the 6.5" mid-woofers. My initial impressions were that they were nice, had better midrange, but not too far different from what was previously installed. (Hybrid Audio L6)
*Photos of mids(click next picture to advance):

As I listen to mostly metal/rock and some acoustic music, a crystal clear sound with very good mid-range and punch was very important to me. At this time, the CDT DRT-26T(Have all 3 domes, prefer the Titanium) tweeters were installed. I felt that the combo sounded great together once finding the x-over points where they seemed to mate up well.

After a few weeks of listening these things opened up like I couldn't believe, the mid-woofers in my doors now had very respectable mid-bass and the whole spectrum was very clear and punchy. Music was actually making me smile uncontrollably when driving around. Instruments sounded more life-like and the feeling like you were in the room with them. Drums snapped with with great dynamics. Guitars crunched away with authority. There was something to the sound that I rarely experience inside a car. I was totally surprised... and had a bit of a hard-on to be honest.

Now for a long time I've always thought the DRT-26 tweets are a great set(and still do). Very detailed yet easy on the ears, yes even the Titanium. However, a part of me also felt they were missing a bit of the airiness and ambiance in the very high register. That last bit being just a very slight gripe, I honestly haven't heard many tweets in car in a typical 2-way that do this exceptionally well unless close to being perfectly on axis.

Fast forward to today. Its rainy, foggy, cold... Unfortunately the power supply on my desktop computer died yesterday, thus leaving me bored as hell today. So I decided to install the Germanium tweeters(CAL 25 Silk VOF). I took a set of sail panels that I had purchased a while back and began grinding them away to fit the tweeters and angle them appropriately.
*Photos of tweets installed in sail panels(click next picture to advance):

Once installing these I tested to make sure they worked :P and did a little listening. Of course with the door panel off and not adjusting x-overs yet, its not going to sound exactly ideal, but it served the purpose. Slapped some ensolite behind the sail panels and slapped everything back on.(Even fixed some vibrations in my door panels with hot glue). Then got on to a quick tune session.
*Photos of installed (click next picture to advance):

I knew already that the Rainbow tweeters had a lower resonant frequency and also a broader frequency response than the CDTs, however 2db lower sensitivity (90db 1w/1m, as opposed to 92db 1w/1m). They also have a higher power handling, which is all good in my eyes. So, first thing I did was raise the individual speaker levels up a smidgen then moved over to the X-over. I tried a few spots and landed on the following: Tweet: high pass at 1.6kHz with a 12dB slope. Mid woofer: low pass at 1.25hKhz with a 6dB slope; high pass at 63hz with 18dB slope. Previously the CDT/Rainbow combo was: Tweet: high pass at 2.5kHz 12dB slope, Mid: low pass at 2kHz with 6dB slope, same 63hz high pass with 18dB slope.
**Mid and Tweet high and low pass are now(and have been a while) set at 3.15KHz with a 36dB slope. Mid/Sub high and low pass are at 63Hz with a 36dB slope.**

So I cycled through my hard drive and did some critical listening. All I was able to say and think was "wow, these things sound incredible". Keep in mind the mid-woofers are broken in already, but this is the first time the tweets have been powered up. I kept listening to different tracks of different styles/productions and continued to be impressed. They had the airiness and ambiance I was looking for, had EXCEPTIONAL detail and handled the lower x-over point excellently giving more snap to the midrange and an over-all clearer sound. Imaging was better than ever before too. Snare drums seemed to sit right in the middle and far off panned instruments felt like they had the right amount of distance. Vocals were crisp and clear on everything I tested. Imaging stays up dash level, vocals very well placed. Acoustic instruments sound great, very natural with excellent dynamics.

Since I was blown away at this point I decided to take a drive and turn them up pretty high to get a better feel of what they can do. Turning them up just impressed me even more. Like said before, exceptional detail, clarity and staging, while having ZERO listening fatigue. I can't even imagine what they will be like when they're broken in.

Criticisms? I don't really have any, they sound friggin' great. I guess its not the fanciest looking set around(textured grey basket, rubber magnet boot, plain black grill tweeter), but who cares?! Surely not me, they're in a door...

Anyway, that's my review. Sorry if its long... but I really haven't seen many Rainbow reviews up here.

Some extra side info: Previous drivers used in this car: CDT HD6, CDT ES-07, Hybrid Audio L6. Previous tweeters used in this car: DRT-26 Only, but in all three varieties of Silk, Aluminum, Titanium.
Head-unit: Clarion DXZ785USB (soon to be Pioneer DEX-P99RS)
Sub: CDT QES-1220 Prototype
Amplifiers: Clarion DPX2251 powering mids, Clarion APX4361 powering tweets, Clarion DPX11551 powering subwoofer.

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