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Thumbs down Alpine s920 - Cant adjust sound while driving??

Hi All,
OK is it just me or is it rediculous that you cannot adjust the most basic sound settings on an alpine s920 while driving.
This wonderful touch screen unit with all the bells and whistles has a nice EQ and even some useful quick select presets EQ etc. But when you are driving all of those settings are disabled.
I understand that its for safety to stop you fiddling with varios things while driving, but come on!! Why on Earth hide even the once click quick select presets from me while in Motion?
I go to play a particular album or switch to a different radio station so would like to at least adjust the bass and treble or select a preset and what the? Nope, while driving I can only adjust the fader. I have not moved seats while driving.. idont need to adjust the friggen Fader. So what I have to take the next offramp, pull over, select the ROCK preset and then continue my trip??? Just Stupid.
Oh and to add insult to injury while driving I can select the "i-select" feature that asks all sorts of questions about the layout of the car... whether I am sitting on the right or left, where my speakers are, blah blah blah? That is safe but being able to press one button to change a preset from Rock, classical, etc is not?
Hellooooo? The physical layout of my car did not change in the last 10mins but the song has ...AArrgh I would like to select a sound preset on my big touch screen OMG.
Where did the usability engineers go at Alpine?

Sorry for the rant, but this seems like the most stupid thing in an expensive unit.
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You can do basic sound adjustments while you are driving by holding down the audio button on the left for a few seconds
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all you need to do is wire the handbrake wire on the head unit to earth.
then you can adjust everything whenever you like
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alpine s920

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