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Adding amp and speakers to factory head unit

Hello there, CAF!

Another noob here, in need of help. I'm terribly, terribly sorry if I'm asking something that has been covered 101 time, but at the moment I'm just sick and tired of Google searches and trying to figure out what's right and what's a bag of bullcrap. The fact I'm new to this and don't know how half of the stuff is properly called, and the fact that English is not my native language, doesn't help either...

I'm looking to replace my factory speakers with aftermarket ones, feeding them off an amp, but retaining the stock head unit. The reason I sort of have to keep the stock head unit is because it's integrated with climate control. Here's the list I'm working with at the moment:
1) 2005 Honda Accord 2.0 (European version)
2) Pioneer D8604 amp (4x100W RMS@4Ohms)
3) Hertz DSK 165.3 comp speakers (80W RMS@4Ohms)
4) Gladen WK20 4awg amp wiring kit
5) Yatour BTA bluetooth and line-in adapter using stock HU's CD changer port

Now, since I mostly will be streaming Spotify from my phone and since I'm sort of stuck with the stock HU, I have no ambitions for a high-end, audiophile grade system. All I want is that it sounds -good-.

There are two pieces missing in my puzzle at the moment and those are:
1) How to wire stock head unit to the amp
2) Which of the following routes to go:
2.1) Comp up front + sub in the rear
2.2) Comp up front + coax 6x9 in rear deck

Today I visited a local store that specializes in aftermarket car audio to pick up the wire kit for the amp. While there I enquired what's the best route to take. They strongly advised not to use a LOC, or if I really want to take that route, to buy the most expensive one I can get, because it will degrade the signal quality. Instead, they suggested I splice the speaker/high level outputs from the factory HU and connect them directly to amp, as it does have a high level input option.
As for number 2, they suggest I get a pair of 100W RMS 6x9's instead of a sub, as those would still deliver somewhat decent bass and would offer an overall better listening experience, compared to a ~250W RMS sub (amp supposedly is good for up to 300W@4Ohm while bridged).
Another thing they suggested, is to get rid of the 80W RMS Hertz components and get something more powerful, as the amp is too powerful for them, even at 'normal' gain level. He said they normally wire these speakers to aftermarket head units, without using an amp and that's all they're good for.

Now, on one had I have no reason not to believe them, but the more I read, the less I understand.

Can anyone here shed some light, give their two cents, express their opinion on the matter and so forth?

I'll be very, very thankful!

Apologies for grammar, writing in a foreign language here, heh.

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I agree that using the amp's high level inputs is a good idea. I disagree on the comps, if you're careful with the gain on the amp and your volume control, then the speakers should be fine. I'd consider the Hertz ESK or if you're really stuck at your price point, check out the Image Dynamics CTX comps.

I would definitely do a sub over the 6x9s. The SSA Dcon would be a good match for your amp.
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