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Need 13 Band EQ Step Formula

I think the title

is the correct title. When searching EQ forumulas I'm only seeing 10-11 band or 31 band formulas. I have a Pioneer X2800BHS with a 13 band.

What I'm looking for is the formula used for 13 bands of EQ. Pioneer usually goes from 50 - 80 - 125 - 200 and so on. What I want to know is when boosting or cutting let's say 50 is it 50 and below equally or is it split with the next frequency that's 80 so would bumping 50 go up to the halfway point in between 80 boosting to 65. And the 80hz boost ING or cutting starts with 65,66 and up. I don't have experience a DSP, gonna tune what I can with crossover, slopes, and graphical EQ. I'll use my ear first and try RoomEQ or some type of software to see what I'm hearing. I've searched everywhere and see different EQ steps like Kenwood starts at 60 or another brand starts at 30. Hope this makes sense what I'm asking for. I obviously know a 31 band L/R EQ is much better. I want to crawl before walking and I think I can get a great user experience for starters without going DSP just yet. I have a full Build in front of me as soon as I find the raw 6.5's I want that are actually in stock (TM65 or Dayton DSA175, etc etc.
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