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Well good news at least for me. See my budget changed a bit, i ran into a thousand dollars for selling domething of mine (no not my car lol) So.....i have a truck box because i have a truck, what would be the LOUDEST(SPL) sub for a .7 ft^3 box? It can be a 10" sub or whatever, i just want some subs that you can LITERALLY hear for 500 ft and still say damn thats loud! I was thinking about the <atomic thuder shocker ss 10"> The recommended sealed enclosure for that sub (as stated on the web site) is .7 And i hear that they straight POUND, tell me what u think....oh yeah and it doesnt matter the amp i can get any amp practically. So will u be able to hear my car 500ft away with the shockers? lemme know

thanks a lot for all your help guys, i appreciate it ALOT. You guys are so knowledgeable, i can trust you guys and not hafta listen to some dealers BS! Thanks guys!
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