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Overheating Amp Symptoms?

Do amps distort when they get overheated? Today hit 85 degrees and it just so happened I finished my new installation today also. So I go to the beach with some people playing it no problem... then after about an hour on the ride home it my trusty usx-2080 begins to make funny noises! It honestly sounded like I had those spinning rims and got sand in them. That got me nervous but I figured it was just a bad connection. So then later today I went to play basketball and it did it again! Then on the way home it just plain shut down. It only occured to me then that my amp may be overheating. So I get home and feel it. It's hot.. not really hot but hottet than it has ever been. So overheating isnt a big problem because I have a fan sitting around I can install next to it but it's the noise that bothers me. Will that go away if the amp is cooled?
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i have a rockford 550x that distorts after about 10 min of hard play. so overheating definantly causes distortion. ive put a fan on mine and it dosent help. im hunting a bigger amp so ill hav emore head room power and the amp wont be in such of a strain
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