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what's the difference between high and low pass filters?

i just bought a sony hu and it has a high pass filter and a low pass filter...but i dont quite understand these concepts..could someone explain it? the sony deck has cut-off frequencies to 78hz and 125hz...which one should i choose?

it also has a custum equalizer with the following frequencies:
all of them ranging from -10db to +10db.
what do they all mean? How do i set it up?

and last question is what's the spectrum analyzer feature do?
(auto,A-1,A-2,B-1,B-2,B-3) what do they mean?

I appreciate if you would help you notice i am a noob.

thanks for any input. Erick
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A high pass filter lets the high's pass (play). Low pass lets the low frequencies pass. You want you high pass filter on with your speakers because they can't play as low as a sub. Somewhere around 100-120 is usual for speakers. Lower than that, and it can possibly damage the speakers. You don't want a low pass filter on with speakers. You only want the low pass filter on with a subwoofer.

The equalizer lets you choose how loud you want certain frequencies. Your equilizer has 7 setting to adjust louder or softer. If you want more bass(62hz & 157hz), then adjust the lower frequencies so that they play a couple decibles louder. If you want your highs to not hurt your ears so much, then lower the top end frequencies (6.3k & 16k). Or the other way around. Find out what sound the best to you.
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thank you very much for your help and any other help will be appreciated.
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