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How to Remove (Uninstall) the stock Stereo from a 2004 Subaru Forester AWD.

you do not take your time pulling the trim off. The small snaps will break. Leaving you with junk.The climate control, top two vents, and flasher button will be attached to the trim.
Once the trim is detached from the dash you must remove the electrical plug for the flashers first as PIC 6 shows.
Once the flasher plug is unplugged you can unplug the climate control plugs as in PIC 7.
Now with the trim gone the Stock Stereo is fully exposed as in PIC 8. There are four screws that must be removed also shown in PIC 8. Two of them are located at the top of the Stereo circled in green. The other two ( green arrows pointing) are under the Stereo attached to the dash as well.
With the Stereo falling forward as in PIC 9.
PIC 10
The eight screws (four on each side of the Stereo) are now exposed as in PIC 10. Once you have removed the eight screws, you now have two brackets needed for installing your new Stereo. One of them is shown in PIC 11.

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