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Pioneer wiring harness diagram

I'm new here so Hello everybody!

I am trying to install a Pioneer DEH-P3100 indash CD player into my Honda. I have bought the harness kit for the Honda but when I was removing the CD player from my Jeep I accidentally disconnected the accessory wire from the wiring harness on the CD player. I need to find out which slot the pin should go back into on the Pioneer harness so I don't fry the stereo. I only have 5 slots to choose from, but thats 4 too many... I've tried calling Pioneer, and they are no help at all! The store I bought it from is 50 miles away and won't give me the information over the phone. Any help would be appreciated.

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sorry i can't be more help than this, but...

have you tried looking at the recepticle on the back of the H/U, seeing which pin didn't have a mate on the plug??? if there is only one lonely pin, you've got it licked.
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A damsel in distress! (Please don't tell me that you're a guy named Ashley)

Unfortunately I can't help you out much either. Try what whitless suggested, and if that doesn't work, my only advise to you would be to try posting in the "Used for Sale" section, there's a
"wanted" sub-section there also. Try posting in both of those sections something like " WANTED, SOMEONE WITH A PIONEER DEH-P3100 TO DO ME A HUGE FAVOR", or something to that effect. People are pretty good about doing favors here, so I'm sure they'll help you out if they can. Also, try posting the same thing in other car audio forums, like and
Those are the big two that come to mind. Anyway, I hope you find what what you're looking for. Good luck. Jose

By the way, Come here often? (just kidding)

What I really wanted to ask you is if you still have the installation guide, maybe you can make out the wire locations by looking at the wiring diagram in it.

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